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Porcelain and ceramic tile flooring are not the same product, there are differences. Similar ingredients are used in the manufacture of both ceramic and porcelain tile. Becoming familiar with their differences is helpful in choosing tile for a project that is the right price, looks good, and has the durability needed for the area of installation.

The difference between ceramic and porcelain tile flooring

Red or white clay, mixed with minerals and water are used in ceramic tile manufacturing. The tile is baked in a type of kiln. A glaze to reduce the natural porosity of ceramic tile is nearly always applied.

Fine grain, light-colored clays, feldspar, quartz, and a minimal amount of water are used to make porcelain tile. The combination is extruded or pressed before it is fired at temperatures that are significantly higher than those employed in the manufacture of ceramic tile. Porcelain tile is available in both glazed and unglazed versions.


Characteristics of porcelain tile to consider

Porcelain is beautiful and lasts a long time. It is stain and crack resistant. The durability of porcelain is ideal for applications from heavy traffic areas to decorative wall tile. It has a high PEI rating that indicates strength and hardness. Porcelain absorbs very little water, and can be used for outdoor applications. It is frost resistant. Due to its superior strength, porcelain can be formed in a range of sizes. It can be precisely cut so that the tiles are uniform in size and the grout lines are minimal.
Ceramic tile flooring in Moscow ID from Carpet Mill

Ceramic tile considerations

Ceramic tile has a considerably smaller price tag than porcelain. It is easy to cut and install, and is lightweight. The selection of ceramic tile styles is a bit more limited than for porcelain. It is not suitable for outdoor applications in regions with high frost. Ceramic tile does not withstand heavy traffic as well as porcelain tile.

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