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Carpet provides a cushioned surface for feet in nearly any location. Knowing the characteristics of carpet fiber helps in selecting the appropriate carpet for an installation space. Carpet is available in a variety of natural and synthetic fibers. Let the professionals at our carpet store help you make the best decision for your next purchase.

Carpet fiber

The four most common carpet fibers are:
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Wool

Nylon carpet – Seventy–five percent of manufactured carpet is made of nylon. Reasons for its popularity are its softness, durability, and resistance to stains.

Polyester carpet – Those making eco-friendly choices often choose polyester. The material used to craft polyester is frequently recycled plastic bottles. Other prized features of polyester are its ability to hold dramatic, vibrant colors without fading. Polyester is also non–allergenic. The biggest drawback of polyester carpet is repeated exposure to weight flattens the fiber. It is best placed in low traffic areas. Polypropylene carpet Polypropylene carpet – is resistant to shedding, mildew, and stains. It is incredibly resilient, and nearly as soft as nylon.

Wool carpet – Wool is the softest carpet fiber to be found. It is a long–lasting, luxurious, natural fiber. Low–grade wool tends to be susceptible to stains, and high–grade wool is very expensive. Manufacturers sometimes combine synthetic fibers with wool to create a carpet with the benefits of each.
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Carpet pile

In a movement somewhat like attaching a button to cloth, yarn is looped through a backing material to make carpet. The loops are left intact or cut at angles. The loop treatment is referred to as the pile of a carpet.

Typical carpet piles types include:
  • Uncut
  • Cut
  • Saxony
  • Textured
  • Frieze
  • Plush

Uncut carpet pile is known as Berber or loop pile. The entire loop is left intact. Uncut pile carpet is resistant to stain, easy to clean, and highly durable. Cut pile produces pleasant, soft carpet that is also easy to clean. The rigid threads tend to show vacuum trails and footprints.

Saxony is the most iconic pile. It also shows wear easier than an uncut pile. Cut and Saxony pile carpet is best for low traffic areas. For high traffic areas, Carpet Mill suggests frieze cut, because of its tightly kinked and twisted threads.

Plush carpet is a luxurious carpet made of densely packed fibers that should be placed in low traffic settings. Textured cut is ideal for mid- to high-level traffic. We help clients from Genesee, Moscow, and Troy, ID as well as Pullman, WA when they visit our Moscow, ID showroom. We pride ourselves on making our carpet customers feel welcome, relaxed, and comfortable as soon as they walk through the door.

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