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Specialty flooring can be a great option for any home or business. Carpet Mill in Moscow carries specialty flooring from the top manufacturers. Prices are always low and the quality of our merchandise is high. Professional installers can lend a hand towards placing your new flooring the right way. Every installer is licensed and insured, as well as experienced in on-site training. Your home can be updated quickly without costing you too much. It’s easy to request an appointment for any of our services, including estimates and design consultation. Simply go online and contact one of our experts, or speak with us by phone. You can also locate a nearby store using our website if you prefer to be helped in person. Customer service is what we do best. You can always expect the finest specialty flooring products and the best service.
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Types of specialty flooring

What makes a floor covering a “specialty” product? The term generally refers to types of flooring that are not commonly sold by every dealer. For example, “green” flooring like bamboo, or modern choices like rubber, are both considered specialty floors. They can be used in unique applications where traditional flooring may be boring or unsuitable for use. There are also special flooring types for commercial use in business spaces. Here are some of the specialty flooring products that you can find as you begin shopping:
  • Rubber Flooring: Many customers are already familiar with the properties of rubber. It is a nature-based material that is famous for “bouncing back,” under pressure. It is often used in gyms because it can absorb the shock of falling free weights. It can also be used in residential areas. Some benefits that rubber brings to a home are increased durability and safety for children and the elderly. Because rubber can absorb shocks it will provide a softer landing in the event of a fall. Its durability ensures that it will last long even in areas that receive high traffic. It is easy to maintain and is available in a number of different colors.
  • Bamboo Flooring: Bamboo is often chosen in place of hardwood. This is because it is a “green” option that is made with all-natural materials. Bamboo only takes several years to completely regenerate, making it an easily available and renewable resource. It can be recycled too. No harmful chemicals are used when turning bamboo into flooring. It can be stained and refinished just like hardwood. The price of this floor covering is often affordable. Installation is similar to hardwood, but bamboo has a higher resistance to moisture. You can expect similar levels of durability and maintenance between bamboo and hardwood.
  • Commercial Flooring: Commercial flooring is intended to be more durable than residential flooring. Having hundreds of customers pass in and out of your business doors means that your floors will take more abuse. We carry a variety of commercial flooring products for almost every type of business. Commercial carpet, for example, is often used in theaters and schools. It has a better resistance to wearing from high foot traffic. It also repels stains and features higher quality dyes to prevent fading over time. You can choose from any number of beautiful floors for your business and still get a great price.
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