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Carpet binding can be a useful and inexpensive designing tool. Professional carpet binders can use your carpet remnants to make a beautiful new floor covering. Carpet Mill offers fast and flawless work for less in Moscow. We take your old carpet remnants and make them useful again. You can trust that you are getting the best quality for the lowest price. Our experts have a great eye for detail and years of industry experience--using the right methods can make all the difference in your interior design.

There are a number of things you can always expect when you work with Carpet Mill. One of them is great customer service. There are always experts on hand to answer your questions. You have three convenient options when it comes to contacting us. Use our online form to get fast answers from customer support, including questions about the services we offer and other basic inquiries. For a more personalized service, you can dial our number and speak to us or make a visit to the store. It's all up to you!.
Carpet binding in Moscow ID

What is carpet binding?

Carpet binding (also called rug binding) is the process of creating a new edge on spare pieces of carpet flooring. It is common to have spare carpeting after you install carpet flooring in your home. Many people end up keeping this material without knowing what to do with it. For luxury materials like wool, throwing it would be a waste. You can turn those spare pieces into new area rugs using this service! Here’s how it works:
  • Select a carpet remnant. You should look for something close to the size you need. Carpet remnants sold at retailers are often offered in rolls, but occasionally you can find something smaller. Some tips for selecting your carpet remnant: select a color and pattern that goes with the rest of your interior. Keep in mind that patterned carpeting is harder to seam without making the seam visible. Also, choose a color that is appropriate for its use (e.g., dark colors for mud rooms and hallways).
  • Choose your binding. There are a number of ways that the edges of your carpet can be bound. There is heat-set tape that offers a durable edge. There is non-heatset tape that is less durable, but more affordable. There are a number of hand stitching techniques that can be used as well. These are suggested for more expensive carpet remnants.
  • Place your new area rug! Once the carpet binding process is finished, we can deliver your new floor covering or you can pick it up. Then you can put it anywhere that you want in your home. Enjoy cleaner floors, a more comfortable feeling underfoot, and best of all, you get to enjoy big savings on a customized look!
Carpet binding is a fast and affordable way to get a customized floor covering. Find the perfect fit for your home and trust the professionals for beautiful results. Visit Carpet Mill to learn more about our products and services in Moscow.