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Believe it or not, remodeling your bathroom can be very expensive. Having the professionals at Carpet Mill do the heavy lifting will make this process much easier and more enjoyable for you. Remodeling your bathroom can make living at home more comfortable and will also help you get your day started on the right foot.

There are definitely some big factors to consider when remodeling your bathroom. First off, how big is your bathroom? Having limited space will alter any big changes you want to make. That doesn’t mean you can’t make an upgrade in the bathroom. If you don’t have enough room to install a bathtub, consider adding a two-sink vanity or adding wall-mounted or medicine cabinets to add extra storage. Some designers are leaning towards a two-faucet trough sink instead of two sinks, depending on space constraints. These changes can make your small bath area seem larger than life and not break the bank in the process. Also consider upgrading some of the hardware—shower heads, faucets or cabinets—to give room a facelift.
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Also consider what type of flooring to use. Tile is a very popular choice for bathrooms as it is easy to maintain and just looks good. Also think about adding a backsplash above the vanity to freshen up the space. Some homeowners like to do a complete overhaul by moving the toilet, adding a bathtub or changing the lighting. All these things will add value to the home, but it will also cost more. While it can be done, residents on the Palouse have to consider how large their budget is before deciding what they want to move. Consulting with the professionals at Carpet Mill will help you figure out the best plan of action and what to move or take out before starting the remodel. Remember, sticking with our trusted staff will save more you money in the long run than if you try to tackle this extensive project on your own.
Residents should also take into consideration that no matter what you do to your bathroom, it has to be functional. If more than one person is getting ready at the same time in the morning, having that extra space or sink on the vanity will be a must have. Your towels, cleaning supplies and tooth brush should all be accessible and have it’s own place. Making sure you have enough storage will help keep things nice and organized. No one wants to be rushing around in the morning because your toothbrush can’t be found.

Think about the future. Upgrading your bathroom will not only make your life easier, but also add value to your house when or if you ever decide to sell it. A positive renovation can have a huge impact down the road. Residents on the Palouse should rely on the professionals at Carpet Mill to guide them to the perfect bathroom.