Four cleaning tips for luxury vinyl flooring

Four cleaning tips for luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl has many benefits that make it one of the hottest trends. One of them is low maintenance–but that doesn't translate to "no maintenance."

If you take care of it, you can expect the flooring to last over 20 years. So here are some tips to keep your luxury vinyl plank or tile, the two forms of this vinyl, in top shape.

Develop a routine

When something becomes scheduled, it's also automatic. You'll do it and won't forget about it.

Sweep daily

This may seem excessive, but there's a good reason to do it. Sand and dirt are sharp and can embed between planks, tile-sized pieces, and scratch.

Constant dirt will eventually pit floors, meaning that the dirt will embed and make it much harder to clean.

If you prefer to use a vacuum, adjust to “bare floor” and turn off the beater bars. They can damage vinyl plank or luxury vinyl tile.


The general rule is to mop the kitchen every other week; the bath every week, but you may adjust the schedule.

First, sweep thoroughly, getting into corners and under appliances. Then use a damp, well-rung mop and a manufacturer-approved cleaner.

You can also make your own; use one tablespoon of white or apple cider vinegar to 16 ounces of water. The vinegar's acidic enough to break up dirt but not enough to damage floors. You can also add a drop of dishwashing liquid to the solution.

Removing stains

Most stains are easily removed with a baking soda/water paste. Apply to LVT or LVP, wait a few minutes, and then wipe with a soft cloth. Repeat as necessary.

If your floors are pitted, drip a little cleaner in the cracks and crevices. Wait a few minutes and wipe. Repeat if necessary.

Scuffs are rubbed off with a bit of WD-40. Markers, lipstick, and crayons can usually be removed with a little nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol–but always check manufacturer instructions before proceeding.

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