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Many homeowners invest in hardwood floors knowing that they will last a long time. Part of making your flooring last as long as possible is proper maintenance. Carpet Mill offers great hardwood flooring care with our hardwood refinishing service. We sand and re-apply finish to your floors using a customized care plan. Each installer is trained to identify common problems in your flooring and fix them. All installers are licensed and insured for the best quality results. Customer service is guaranteed, from the moment you get your estimate to the time that we finish your floors. Sanding and refinishing can be a great and cost effective way to improve the look of your home flooring. Read on to see how we can make your home more beautiful.

Restore Your Floors for Less

It’s possible that you have value in mind when it comes to home improvement if you have already chosen and installed hardwood floors. This floor covering is known to last decades or even centuries in the right conditions. Today’s modern flooring is often engineered to be longer lasting and maintain its beauty to provide the best value for homeowners. But maintenance is an important part of extending the life of your floors as well. Knowing how the sanding and refinishing process works can give you a better understanding of how it can benefit you. Here are the basic details that you should know about hardwood refinishing:
  • The same finish must always be used. It is important to use the same type of finish to avoid a bad chemical reaction or damage to the floors. You can contact your retailer, manufacturer, or let our experts examine your floors to determine what kind of finish was originally used. Knowing what kind of finish your floor has can also help you know how to maintain it better in the future.
  • Solid wood can be refinished more than engineered wood. Solid wood is, as the name suggests, a complete and solid plank. Engineered wood is created with thin layers that are stacked together and bound with glue, heat, and pressure. Engineered wood cannot be sanded and refinished as many times because there is a risk of wearing through to a weaker layer. Solid wood, however, can withstand more sanding.
  • Appointments can be made online or by phone. We have extended our hours and made making appointments simple for your convenience. You can speak to our experts during regularly scheduled business hours or submit requests online at any time.
  • All electrical outlets and non-removable fixtures should be covered. Avoid electrical fires or other hazards by covering outlets, ceiling fans, and wall lighting. All other electronics and furniture should already be removed from the room. What cannot be removed can be covered with tarps and masking tape for easy and safe removal after the process is finished.
  • Doorways and air vents should also be covered. Dust caused by sanding can cause breathing problems if they enter the air vents or the rest of the home through doorways. The central air must remain off and all doorways and air vents should be covered with plastic and masking tape.
  • Estimates are available to homeowners. We can provide an accurate estimate for homeowners on a budget. Our fair prices make it easy to save towards refinishing your hardwood floors.
  • Satisfaction is always guaranteed. All work that we perform is backed by our guarantee. If you have any concerns, please contact our professionals for help. We will do our best to solve the problem.
Hardwood Refinishing at Carpet Mill in Moscow ID
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